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Starfish Hunting

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Adult All Ages

Starfish Hunting on Prince Edward Island

We all call them starfish but they are really called “sea stars” and stars of the sea they are. Starfish are not really fish at all; their closest relation is the sand dollar, also found here on PEI. Every starfish has eyes at the end of each arm and our stars have 5 arms. Some starfish get up to 40 arms. Oh, they are so interesting! We can tell you more when you visit.

This is a 2-hour adventure walking the beaches of the Brudenell River searching out these ECHINODERMS, the proper name for stars. We supply water shoes and small buckets to collect stars and other shells you may want to take home. At the end of the walk, you can return your stars to the sea or put them on our drying racks to dry. We do have a large inventory of dry stars for you to pick through to take some home if you don’t want to dry them yourself. If you wish to dry them yourself we will give you instructions to do so.